• "Jon is inspirational and dedicated to helping salespeople go to higher levels. A real pro!" --- Edward Marculewicz M.A., Leasing Manager, Woodbridge Toyota

  • "Jon has delivered hundreds of qualified prospects to our dealership...I have achieved record numbers of sales since we have worked together. His ability to quickly build rapport with clients sets him apart." ---David Krowitz,  Lease Portfolio Manager, Woodbridge Toyota

  • "Over the past 12 months at Woodbine Toyota, we have been using Genesis Consulting Services and the results are greatly benefiting our dealership. Jon provides a very professional service with proven results. Our main focus with Genesis is to generate sales opportunities within the Woodbine Toyota database using AutoAlert and it has been an amazing year. Please reach out to Genesis and you will be very pleased to watch your business opportunities grow!" ---Jeromy Moss, General Sales Manager, Woodbine Toyota

  • "Genesis Consulted has provided consistent high-level results for our dealership. For every 10 appointments set for us we are seeing multiple sales and profit in the $10,000 range. Excellent ROI!" ---Dilan Graham, Sales Manager, Guelph Hyundai

  • "We hired Jon at Genesis Consulting to help with out with our BDC training initiative. He was knowledgeable, energetic, and able to communicate his sales techniques efficiently." ---Dan Stephens, Sales Manager, Ontario Hyundai

  •  "We’ve been using the services of Jon Hyman for a few years and have always been happy with the results.  Jon places high-quality and well-informed phone calls to our clients in order to generate appointments for our sales team.  Before making the calls, Jon thoroughly researches the customer information on file to ensure we’re making a suitable call to our customers and not wasting anyone’s time.  Jon is highly recommended."  -- Danny Jamal, General Manager, Ken Shaw Lexus

  • My dealership has been working with Jon for the past year with great success. It took a bit of tweaking in the beginning in order to ensure calls were being made to the best cross section of our data base but Jon and my team were able to sort this out quickly. Once this was accomplished, our volume of vip appointments improved and so did our closing ratio.  We continue to see good results from these campaigns. ---Hass Hijazi, Managing Partner, Finch Hyundai